'Featured Artist...26/April/2023...John Stemz'

JOHN STEMZ is a Greek-Australian singer songwriter. Born in Melbourne, Australia.

He formed his first garage band at twenty-one while doing a degree in Human Communications. Due to unfortunate circumstances his family decides to return to Greece and he soon follows. In Thessaloniki, a northern city of Greece he tries to adapt to his new life. He travels around Europe, works and finishes a Degree in English at the same time. He gets involved in the Greek music scene at the time, and releases two albums under the name of Fotis Fotiadis. In 1991 he comes third in the Greek Eurovision song contest, nothing happens and two years later drops out of the music scene. He opens up a small business of his own, and, two years later gets married to a Scottish-Welsh girl named Suzanne Cunningham and has two children.

Ten years after, and when a friend invites him up on stage to sing a Doors song *People Are Strange* his musical journey starts up again. He then goes on to form a band called Transit and they do covers all over Greece. After a minor fallout the band breaks up, and he forms another band called TALKING P.I.G.S. A violin based rock band the TALKING P.I.G.S. come together at the height of the Greek financial crisis. A protest band that got the name from a Northern European journalist who claimed that--- Portugal , Italy , Greece and Spain,,, these Southern European countries are lazy and like to party too much, therefore the name P.I.G.S. but PIGS who talk back...In 2015 they start releasing their own material. Their most famous songs being *WE WON T PAY**THE EXECUTIONER* and *DID I HAVE THE DEVIL IN MY BED*

In 2019 while still playing with the P.I.G.S. John Stemz decides to start a solo career, and records * THE GATES ARE SHUT* collaborating with Babi Chalkidis, writing both lyrics and the melody of the song. His second and follow up song* YOU CALL ME CRAZY* has just recently been released 21-2-2020. It s a laid back chill love ballad, and is produced by Babis Chalkidis.

John Stemz, who some call John and others still call Fotis, lives in a small town called Asprovalta 80 kilometers outside the city of Thessaloniki.

His musical genre is classic rock , but he is very flexible and diverse, having sung and written music ranging from dance music to Ethnic and fusion.


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