'Featured Artist...24/May/2024...henry_the_archer'

If this late Spring's got your spirits shook up and you're looking for some renewed motivation to tend to your garden (be it literal or figurative), we've got a DFW act that'll make you go hard in the yard.

And that's on behalf of singer-guitarist-keyboardist R. Hennessy, AKA "Henry O", who's been hitting the mark as Henry the Archer for nearly a decade and a half now. A consecutive two-time winner of Fort Worth Magazine's "Artist of the Year" distinction, this Fort Worth three-piece aims at the the broad genre target of alt-rock, perfect for groupings within surrounding styles. But that's not to say Henry the Archer's arrangements aren't accurate or precise, since the trio's clearly struck something strong to earn several streaming heavyweights.

This morning, marking Henry the Archer's first record since 2017's Zero Is a Number, their EP The Garden is finally ready to harvest. It's a six-song plot blooming with indie-folk ("The Garden"), pop-punk ("One or Two"), brassy ska ("Sheep Song"), reggae ("Someone Beautiful"), and even a stripped-down keyboard-and-vocal duet ("People Make a Place") – but ultimately all rooted in alt-rock.

The album release show was in Arlington, but Henry the Archer does have a couple of shows here in town at the turn of the next month –
7:30PM on Friday, May 31st for a SoFar Sounds session
8PM on Saturday, June 1st at ABGB alongside Mr. Kat.

So fire up The Garden's bullseye of a lead single and EP opener "ViolinT", which totally reminds us of millennium mainstream indie rock era, The Hives-style howling vocals and all.


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