Cabella And Schmitt

Cabella And Schmitt


'Featured Artist...27/January/2023...Cabella And Schmitt'

Two Schmitts and a Cabela, that's how it all started. Two brothers and their best friend looking to rock the world. Like most kids with dreams of fame and fortune, all they really wanted to do was jam out with their buddies. Like all who came before them, they tried everything they could think of to get into the music business.

  This passion to play and sing and share their songs found them playing out anywhere someone with a building and electricity would let dances, a garage, backyard parties, weddings, and more. Almost immediately, this young trio of "brothers" started writing and recording original songs. Oddly enough, when playing out they found that they really preferred playing their originals instead of covers, and they were connecting with their audiences.

  Well-rehearsed and armed with some studio recordings of their original songs, they started sending out packages to anyone who would listen. Very quickly, they determined that the music business was not as much fun as they thought it would be. However, their God given gifts for creating and sharing original music that was important to them grew stronger.

  Throughout the years, all three members have learned to play multiple instruments, honed their vocal chops, and refined their songwriting. Their musical goal has always been and will continue to be to write, record, and share with the world their songs of family, faith, and God. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, home studios, and the internet, the trio have found a way to record and release 10 albums to date.

  Constant students of the business side of music, Cabela & Schmitt continue to find new and different ways to market and promote their music to their ever-growing legion of loyal fans around the world.

  Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it. So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have. We always have music in our hearts/heads, and all we do is learn what we hear. The melodies start playing, and suddenly those random thoughts and phrases begin to fall into place, like they belong. Most people call that songwriting, but we don't take that credit for ourselves. We believe we've been given messages that need to be shared.

Our love for making music has been mostly a lifelong venture. These sounds come to life in our hearts and minds and they are gifts we have been given to be able to bring these songs to life in our recordings. It's the most satisfying thing when we get feedback from some of our fans who have been touched by the music. That is so rewarding. 

We are inspired by so many artists, not only by their music, but in some cases their lives and examples. 

We are releasing and promoting music non-stop and our hope is that it will touch our audience in a positive way and help them ponder their life situation and receive, believe and appreciate the power of love.  We want to thank all our fans for their great support.


  1. Cabela and Schmitt - Never Be Alone - Copyright -  Featured Artist
  2. Pratibha Singh Baghel - The Joys And Sorrows Of Love  - Copyright
  3. What Strange Beasts - Starlight's  Castaways   - Copyright
  4. David J Caron- Ask The Blind-man - Copyright
  5. Sassy Vezay - Hometown Ghosttown - Musik and Film
  6. Maggie Herron  - Devils In The Detail - Bongo Boy
  7. Gavin and Chucky - Jane Engage - Copyright
  8. Kate Fenner - Quiet Rider - Copyright
  9. Sifting - Nemesis - Eclipse Records
  10. Yelle - Peine De Mort - Gold Atlas
  11. Stephanie Rabus - I Want What I Shouldn't Have - Copyright
  12. PROGedi | Fed Conti - PROGedi - Copyright
  13. Cabela and Schmitt - Love Is Medicine - Copyright -  Featured Artist