Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

'Featured Artist...02/December/2022...Wolf Moon'

Wolf Moon is the band that grew out of singer-songwriter duo Lethbridge & Owen, and is fast becoming known as one of the UK's most respected up-and-coming original artists.

In a world dominated by formulaic harmonies, predictable riffs and copy-and-paste lyrics, Wolf Moon's Singer/Songwriter Jimmy Owen and Kelly Lethbridge draw from the creative spirit of great artists from Lindsey Buckingham to Ryan Adams, John Mayer, to Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks, producing songs of beauty, sincerity and emotional weight across a range of styles that defies pigeon-holing. The band brings together some of the UK's finest musicians, with Jimmy's formidable lead guitar combined with Kelly Lethbridge's gorgeous sultry vocals backed by the inimitable rhythm section of Erik Stams (drums), Noah Nelson (bass) and Emily Francis (keys) plus guests. The on-stage chemistry that results is truly captivating.

Founded by Kelly Lethbridge & Jimmy Owen, the gifted duo has toured the UK and have already caught the eye of some the industry's most prestigious folk with Guitarist Magazine saying, "Jimmy Owen is an incredible guitarist, absolutely fabulous playing!" and the likes of renowned music agent and journalist Pete Feenstra citing "Wolf Moon are what the Rumours line up of Fleetwood Mac could have been had they not imploded."

Wolf Moon invoke the untamed panoramas of the West Coast, shifting seamlessly from classic rock beats to sultry blues to acoustic ethereal folk and back again.

The songs were rewarded with glowing critical acclaim for its ambitious pan-genre patchwork of styles and eclecticism, with frequent parallels drawn to Buckingham-Nicks. The band leads us through luminous sonic landscapes, through light and shade, with Jimmy's wild and expansive soloing style balanced perfectly by Kelly's silky expressive tone and impressive range. Wolf Moon invoke the untamed panoramas of the West Coast, shifting seamlessly from classic rock beats to sultry blues to acoustic ethereal folk and back again. There is always something new to find in Jimmy and Kelly's restless harmonies and haunting, poetic lyrics, which will also take centre stage in their forthcoming second album, set for release in 2022. Guitar lovers will also be drawn to Jimmy's obsession with tone, working with often rare vintage gear such as '70s echo plex and '60s Marshall plexi which together with the band's rich vocal harmonies gives Wolf Moon its distinctive big panoramic sound. Beautifully summed up by John Dryland of Cargo Records, "Wolf Moon's always immaculate vocals, subtle and mature songwriting combined with stellar performances all round and with Jimmy Owen's fantastic tone and incredible guitar playing make this band a must-see. Wolf Moon really is one to watch out for."

New Album and Influences;

The band are currently planning for the release of their brand new album 'How Do You See Yourself', out in October 2022. Their New Single 'Tell Me What I Don't Know' out on 1st July 2022.

Wolf Moon's favourite artists and biggest influences include Fleetwood Mac, Sting, John Mayer, Heart, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, Ryan Adams, Big Wreck – and many more.


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