Sasha Leonov

Sasha Leonov


'Featured Artist...Friday 05 May 2023...Sasha Leonov'

Sasha Leonov is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia. Inspired by music covering many genres, styles and artists, he has crafted his own unique musical character, which has emerged over several years and projects.

He composes both instrumental and folk rock music, releasing numerous projects, from emotive solo piano and guitar to folk-inspired acoustic and soft rock.

Recently, his travels have infused his music with an adventurous spirit that takes flight in his newest release - a heartfelt, honest and powerful album titled 'Nomad'. Listeners will be taken on a music journey that reminds them of ways in which a song can tell a story and capture an experience in a way that nothing else can.

Sasha's music has received extensive radio airplay worldwide for several years, and he was nominated for a prestigious award in Australia for his debut album – 'Accolades for Days of Sunshine'. His latest CD "Nomad" can be found on all major streaming services. Debut single from latest CD entitled 'Ignite"

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