Hanford Flyer


'Featured Artist...30/DECEMBER/2022...Hanford Flyer'

Hanford Flyover are a British-American band who deftly mix elements of psychedelia, rock, electronica and folk to create a unique sound, interwoven with deep lyrical content. Band members are Josh Bowler from the UK, and Holly Bowler, who was born and raised in Kentucky, USA.

Josh, a multi-instrumentalist, is the creative heart of the band. He takes his influences from artists of the 60s (Hendrix, The Doors, The Small Faces) through to the 90s (The Beta Band,Air, the B-52s).

Holly's background was immersed in folk, blues, rock, gospel and bluegrass. It is the combination of these diverse influences that shaped her vocal styles and laid the foundation that gives Hanford Flyover a unique and strong identity.

Their first album 'FreeFall' was digitally released in late 2018 and has had over 10,000 downloads. Reviewers described it as "beautiful, rich, full sound, laid-back moods, mesmerising female vocals, great musicianship, compelling song writing."

During the 2021 lock-down, Hanford Flyover released an album through Fruits de Mer Records entitled 'Hanford Tape Sessions'. It was recorded on vintage four-track tape and released on vinyl (sold out), CD and digitally. As one reviewer wrote, it is "a lovely collection of tracks, wonderful nostalgic, excellent for repeat listening."

In March 2022, Hanford Flyover released a 4 track EP, 'X to the N', which was also released as a 7"single (sold out) on the Fruits de Mer record label. "I love their exploratory offerings of sound."

In late 2022, Hanford Flyover released 'Shadows on the Sun' and 'Shallow Waters', tasters from their forthcoming album (due spring 2023). Shadows on the Sun is receiving a lot of attention from BBC radio, and both tracks have been picked up by numerous radio stations globally.

The band have a strong international following and their music can be found on rotation on many global internet and terrestrial radio stations.

Hanford Flyover's music is available to stream and download through all the major music streaming services. Physical copies of their music are available through their Bandcamp Link.


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