'Featured Artist...28/April/2023...Fed-Conti

Established Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Fed Conti launches new solo project PROGedia, letting his creativity and imagination run wild on the debut album 'Diõscuri', and seamlessly blending electronic beats, psychedelic grooves and nu jazz influences.

Conti is no stranger to the music scene, previously releasing under the aliases Majong and Nardis, and with his original works and remixes released through industry titans such as Universal UK, Ministry of Sound, Buddha-Bar and Cafè del Mar, and supported by club veterans such as Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox. 'Diõscuri' perfectly captures the essence of Conti's new alias PROGedia, from its aerial melodies and genre-defying sonics to the hauntingly beautiful videos that have accompanied the singles 'We Are The Night', 'Nobody Screams' and 'Down', both produced by award winning Italian director Alessando Amaducci.

The inception of 'Diõscuri' came about after Conti decided on a complete life reset, moving away from the hectic city lifestyle, social confinements and industry banality, reconnecting with nature and rediscovering his creativity. Following a long and fruitful career, mixing a jazz upbringing, passion for goth culture, and underground rave parties, the producer embraces music experimentation and lets his imagination dictate the direction. Speaking of his ingenious recording process, Conti explains; "It's just pure musical anarchy, reordered after sampling from my eclectic music taste, made of years of experiences in very different genres. When something magical comes out, I create a beat which gives the direction, play a free psychedelic jam with nasty vibes, re-sample, add new arrangements and design the production shades. There is still so much to invent on odd beats in modern music."

With musical influences encompassing the likes of Vangelis, The Prodigy, Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin, Conti's PROGedia project and debut album still sounds like nothing that has come before it, as six dazzling compositions make up this fine debut album for those with discerning tastes.


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