'Featured Artist...18/November/2022...Chiiara'

Singer/Songwriter and producer Chiiara is a young, creative, and lively artist, she grew up in a house in the middle of the forest in the Rhineland-Palatinate, now living in the city of Berlin.

Chiiara''s music is known for its honesty, emotional depth, and musical diversity. She has established herself as a clever songwriter with a strong voice who can sing both gentle ballads and rock music to dance to.

A multi talented musician Chiiara plays piano, guitar and the violin and is currently studying an M.A in Popular Music Practice at BIMM Berlin with a specialism in Music Production.

Having had negative experiences as a woman in the industry, the singer/songwriter and producer founded her own label and has been producing and publishing all songs by herself together with her father since 2020. Family, female empowerment and freedom come first and are expressed through the deeply personal lyrical content of Chiiaras music. Having tragically lost a friend to suicide at the age of 16, music has been a remarkable healer especially writing the heartbreaking 'Hope Heaven Calls Back' for her. 'The loss showed me how important friendships are and that I want to enjoy every moment with my loved ones.' says the singer.

Before branching out as a solo artist Chiiara founded Rock/Pop band 'Blackwire' and the duo 'Westchild' and won the 1st prize at Youth Makes Music in 2004.

Describing herself as spiritual, Chiiara practices Yoga and mindfulness daily. She is an active advocate of women in music and supporting her peers. 'There are still so few female producers or artists and I definitely want to support my female colleagues.' she says on the subject.

'My goal is to have a house by the sea someday. There is a huge music studio with a grand piano in it and my musician friends and I make music there and play private concerts. Why not dream big?'

'I also want to share my music with the world and hopefully touch and inspire others and encourage them to be who they want to be. I stand up for myself as a woman and don't let others oppress me. I've already had one or two negative experiences as a woman in this business. That's why I'm so happy to be able to produce on my own, have people around me whom I trust and with whom I work together and want to support and empower other women.'


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