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Brazilian Punk/Funk band Asfixia Social releases the album "Bleeding in the Sun" – a call for global change

The album will be released in Brazil and Europe, where the band is confirmed in June 2024 on the line-up of major festivals and clubs in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and England.

The new album "Bleeding in the Sun" is scheduled for release May 17, by Marã Music label. The album, which will be released on all digital platforms, arrives at a time of global crises and establishes a dialogue between the streets of Brazil and the world, as the band has been gaining ground on the international scene.

"Bleeding in The Sun" is a testament to Asfixia Social's international journey, bringing lyrics in different languages, reflecting its warm reception on tours abroad. According to the band, "the world is in crisis, and the new album is one of the ways to cultivate and spread our means of resistance to the four corners of the planet".

For the band, "'Bleeding in the Sun' is the first album with the new lineup of Thiko (guitar) and Barba (drums), in addition to Leo (bass) and Kaneda (vocal/metals). "The new line up creates a more relaxed atmosphere amid the daily chaos , and this generated a very real record in which the audience will identify and carry forward this reflective yet explosive energy".

The diverse sound of "Bleeding in the Sun" is a reflection of the bands musical blend, with elements of punk, rap, ska, funk, reggae, metal, and dub. Special guest appearances, such as Selectah Carlos PXT (Tequilla Bomb), Joe Keithley (vocalist of the Canadian band D.O.A.) and the talented English singer Sahala Larnyoh, further enrich the sound mix.

The album's songs are the result of an organic collaboration among the band members. "Most of the songs came from the riffs, melodies, and lyrics that each of the members had previously noted down", shared the band. "We usually experiment different paths until the music itself tells us where it needs to go".


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