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    Our Listenership is in the Millions over Multiple International Radio Stations

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    'The Independent Music Show' is airing.

    WRAQ, Angelica, New York, 92.7 FM

    WNPA, Canton, Ohio , 102.5 FM

    WLSL, St. Leo, Florida, 92.7 FM

    WYAP, Clay, West Virginia, 101.7 FM

    WRST, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 90.3 FM

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    The College Underground Radio Network

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    Atlanta Georgia USA
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    Sydney, Australia
    Toronto, Canada
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Fri; 8pm - 9pm - Mon; 1am - 2am

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    'Cheeky FM'

    'Kint98 Radio'

    'I R N Radio'

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    'Digital Revolution Radio'

    Radio Indie FreeForm

    'Bongo Boy iSpin Radio'
    Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10am EDT



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    'Induecast Radio'

    Hive Radio UK
    Monday's at 8pm also repeated 3pm Tuesday, 7am Wednesday, 3pm Thursday and 6pm Saturday.

    'MADFM Worldwide' Monday at 1300 NZT. Repeat same time Thursday every week

    '102.7 WSNR Radio'

    'HeadFMRadio 3pm-4pm Every Friday.

    'We broadcast on line and also on DAB + in Cork and Waterford up as far as wexford New Ross Ireland'

    email studio@9radio.info
    Phone +353897000062

    'The Independents Network'

    Worsley Radio UK
    Veteran Radio UK
    The Hosking Channel Nashville
    Chobe FM Radio - Botswana

    'VIP Independents Radio'

    'ipmNation Radio'

    'Fashing Web Radio'

    'Radio Relaxo'

    'Radio Arcadia'

    'Fish Creek Radio'

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    Our Client Testimonials

    The Nut Drivers

    Visit The Nut Drivers.

    Elisa Brown Singer/songwriter Host of The Heart of Art-on PBS

    "Tom's talent for selecting an impressive array of gem stone tunes for his weekly broadcasts is consistently stellar. So, while I was expecting to bookend some great music for my week as the Featured Artist, nothing could have prepared for the caliber of artistry that Tom chose for the week that my recordings were aired.

    I was literally blown away -- and truly honored -- to have my works featured alongside such a world class line-up of songs.

    Thanks,Tom, for getting my music out into the world!" Visit Elisa

    Stephen Pryor Managing Partner / Promoter

    The Independent Music Show....Tom Lambert has the ear for good music. His show is second to none playing the best of the best in Indie Music.

    Top ranked A+ show...Highly recommened. Visit Stephen & Phil

    Danie Cortese Entertainment

    "I found "The Featured Artist Promotion" to be highly effective for my client. Incredible exposure to appropriate audiences.

    A wonderful opportunity for independent talent." Visit Danie

    Steve Ratchen From recording artists Division 1.1, The Wizards of Winter and formerly of Alchemy X

    Tom is an absolute pleasure to deal with! His breadth of musical knowledge is surpassed only by his affability and charm- Having been in the recording/performing industry for many years, I have worked with a plethora of radio personalities and music show hosts and sometimes the process between artist and media can be confrontational or awkward at best. From our initial contact Tom was nothing but professional while being as cordial as if we'd been friends for years!

    This is a man who appreciates the diversity of artists on his programme and truly champions the cause of eclectic, independent music, that is, none the less, every bit as polished and produced as any record you'd hear on mainstream radio! And that is no small feat in and of itself- In an industry that has eroded so badly due to the generic refuse that passes as "music", it is only on programmes like Tom's Independent Music Show, as well as other like-minded grass roots shows that one can hear artists and genres that you would never be aware of otherwise- A noble and imminently necessary endeavor and one that I think Mr. Lambert is excelling in- Visit Steve

    Steve Vozzolo Tragic Poet Records

    Every now and then, something very good and very special happens in the music business. Being named the "Featured Artist" on Tom Lambert's "The Independent Music Show" is one of those very special events for me.

    I am an independent Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist and Record Producer. I operate my own indie record label, Tragic Poet Records. I have released four CDs and I am currently working on my fifth CD, "The King of Vagabond Road - Songs Inspired by the Paintings of Jack B Yeats." My recent CD release is, "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame - Music Inspired by the Art & Times of Andy Warhol - Steve Vozzolo & The Tragic Poets." My songs have been covered by a number of other artists, most notably, Arlo Guthrie.

    The benefits I have enjoyed as "Featured Artist" are quantifiable in that my music has been heard world wide on over 190 syndicated radio stations by many hundreds of thousands of listeners resulting in new fans and increased music downloads and CD sales. My status as "Featured Artist" has resulted in significant interest and airplay for my music by other radio stations, as well. While I do have a presence on social media, Tom Lambert has made an "art form" of effective promotion on social media sites which has also been of great benefit to my music. Also, the acknowledgment, validation and recognition of my music serves as wonderful motivation for me to keep working. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to Tom Lambert and The Independent Music Show.

    Warm Regards, Steve Vozzolo Visit Steve

    Deborah Henriksson D.H.P Records

    Being "Featured Artist" on 'The Independent Music Show' has been a GREAT experience for me! Not only did the program air two of my recordings – one to begin and one to end the show – but Tom's commentary sparked extra interest that "only" airplay alone could not supply.

    I definitely recommend the Featured Artist promotion to other artists. Visit Deborah


    It´s a pleasure for an artist to deal with Tom.

    The Independent Music Show is a great opportunity for independent artists to get the word out. Tom handled everything very professional. Many thanks and our appreciation to Tom Lambert. Highly recommendable!

    Pat Hunt, Randy Miller, Steffen Goeres, Joe Gavito and Raimund Breitfeld / WORLD5 Visit WORLD5

    Marion Walsh

    "Tom Lambert's internet radio show is unparalleled. He has a worldwide audience of listeners who appreciate all kinds of music.

    Being featured artist on his show was not only an honour, but a great way to increase my fan base.

    Thanks, Tom!"
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Visit Marion

  • Play-Lists

    Take Note; There is 'NO PAY FOR PLAY' On 'The Independent Music Show'

    Céad Míle Fáilte (A Hundred Thousand Irish Welcomes) 'The Independent Music Show' does exactly what it says on the tin.Plays the Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World. 'The Independent Music Show' features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the Listener would like to hear. Sure you will hear some Mainstream Music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who's on Big Budget Production and who isn't….because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the Mainstream.
    We Are Now Syndicated on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations AM - FM - Satellite & Internet / Combined Listener-ship...in the Millions
    Contact us now to have 'The Independent Music Show' added to your stations schedule!

    Our Nine Weeks Play-Lists & Artists Links

    Promoters & Agents
    We Work With

    Call Stephen Foster 24/7
    I'm a 45-year veteran of the music business, with hit/charted records. I was deeply involved in the rise of Indie Music and busting the majors, and I've been promoting great Indie Music to international radio for 8 years. I work with Indie stations that play Indie music all day. They trust me to send them only excellent music, so they listen.
    Worldwide Radio Promotion - 180 Countries. 250,000 Stations.
    BLACKBERRY WAY was formed in 1974 with an eye toward recording emerging Minneapolis rock bands. The studio evolved into a 24 track facility, dedicated to music and hosting over two dozen recording groups a year.
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    Liselotte is a Belgian country singer with original songs and a unique voice. Songs about simplicity and purity, nature and beauty, the basics and soul of country music straight from the heart that evokes endearment, sentiment and cosiness so everyone is able to dream away.
    "Liselotte Van Dooren"
    Camila Meza has been hailed by The New York Times as "a bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention"
    Camila Meza

    Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it. So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have.
    Cabela & Schmitt

    Kiron Dawkins who performs as Kiron and Kiron Rasheed would form the foundation of His writing and delivery styles during raps golden era, often writing on top of r & b and pop classics that dominated the radio. His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life.
    Kiron Rasheed
    Born in San Antonio, Texas; Raised in France and currently based out of Austin Texas. Victoria played classical piano from the young age of 6, growing up in France.
    Victoria Celestine
    Steve Ryan constantly stays busy with project after project. His music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical.
    Steve Ryan
    3 Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and started his musical journey in 2018. He finds inspiration to do his kind of music from his feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
    3 Mind Blight
    Emilia Quinn has been described as a firecracker, weaving together a combination of roots music genres, such as blues, rock and country, whilst bringing her own unique tone to the table.
    Emilia Quinn
    Brazilian progressive rock / metal trio Pentral have announced they will be releasing their debut single 'Silent Trees'. This is the first taste of the band's debut album 'What Lies Ahead of Us', which will be released in May 2021.
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    RADIO CITY FM (RCFM) is the new metropolitan radio in the Rhine-Ruhr area of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), produced in the English language in the heart of the Ruhr region. Distribution takes place via FM and Online.
    RCFM approximately have between 11.000 and 16.000 listeners per hour on FM at present and a potential listenership upwards of 6 million.

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    The #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for College, Underground and Independent Music. Broadcasting worldwide 24/7/365. 
    College Underground Radio plays a variety of Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Dance, Alternative and other genres.

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    With Global Community Radio The World's Community Radio Station our show is made available to thousand of stations around the globe, 24/7.


    Is to offer an Exclusive Sponsorship Participation including 'The Featured Artist Promotion' segment on 'The Independent Music Show'. The show will work with just One Forward Thinking Sponsor, to enhance both the Brand and Product of that Sponsor to listeners, throughout the world, within the independent music scene, as well as Ongoing Promotion of 'The Independent Music Show', Artists Writers and Bands.

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    Check all that the promotion of Independent Music can offer through co-operation with 'The Independent Music Show' and if you think this Proposal can be the Platform to enhance your Brand or Product....

    Please contact Tom.

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    2. Submission's of albums or single's should be Song-Named, Track-listed and placed in a folder signifying the artist or band name, with a short text bio',
    genre and links.

    3. Zip your folder and send to tom@theindependentmusicshow.com using Dropbox, wetrensfer.com or any other large file sending platform.
    4. Please Read Our Terms And Conditions.

    5. Any submission's not meeting these criteria will be rejected.

    6. Airplay is at the discretion of 'The Independent Music Show' management.

    7. There is no Pay for Play on the show....However all Promotional Campaigns are charged for and can be found at;

  • Our Currently Featured Artists Videos

    Featured Artist 23/April/2021 - "Cabela & Schmitt"
    performs 'Who Are We'

    Featured Artist 30/April/2021 - 'Camila Meza & The Nectar Orchestra'

    Featured Artist 07/May/2021 - "Liselotte Van Dooren" performs
    'Most Of The Time'

    Featured Artist 16/April/2021 - 'Kiron Rasheed Ft' Barry Black' performs
    'BA LEE DAT'

    Featured Artist 09/April/2021 - 'Victoria Celestine' performs

    Featured Artist 02/April/2021 - 'Steve Ryan' performs
    Proud of Me
    (Let's honour someone you love & my late father)

    Featured Artist 26/March/2021 - 3 Mind Blight performs
    The Message.

    Featured Artist 19/March/2021 - Emilia Quinn performs
    Ready Right Now...Album 'Firecracker

    Featured Artist 12/March/2021 - Pentral Performs
    Silent Trees.

    'The Independent Music Show' available..."FREE"...
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  • 'Featured Artist...30/April/2021...Camila Meza'

    Camila Meza has been hailed by The New York Times as "a bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention" Camila Meza musically inspired by jazz guitarists like George Benson and Pat Metheny as well as being influenced by South American music and folk, she first studied with Jorge Vidal and Jorge Díaz. Increasingly oriented to Claudia Acuña from the mid-2000s she worked on the jazz scene of her home-town Santiago, Chile, since the early 2000s where her first recording Giovanni Cultrera, Espinoza y Cia (Navidad en Jazz) was released in 2005. In 2007 she presented her debut album Skylark (Stateside).

    In 2009 Meza moved to New York to study guitar at The New School with Peter Bernstein, Vic Juris and Steve Cardenas. Since then she also has worked on the New York jazz scene with Ryan Keberle (Into the Zone, 2014), Lucas Pino, Fabian Almazan and directs her own jazz octet, The Nectar Orchestra.

    She recorded for Sunnyside Records the album Traces (2016, with Shai Maestro, Matt Penman, Kendrick Scott, Bashiri Johnson, Jody Redhage, Sachal Vasandani), sings Spanish and English, and won two Independent Music Awards as the Best Adult Contemporary Album and Best Latin Song ("Para Volar"). Also on the albums Find the Common, Shine a Light by Ryan Keberle and Sounds from the Deep Field by Bryan Copeland she seemed outstanding in the opinion of the critics.

    As a singer she can also be heard on Carolina Calvache's Ballad "La Última Vez". In 2017 the Camila Meza Quartet performed at the Festival Jazzahead. The following year she brought Gina Schwarz as part of her Pannonica project, Porgy & Bess in Vienna. Meza was nominated in the category of guitarist and female singer as a Rising Star in the critics poll of the Down Beat in 2018.

    Nate Chinen described Meza's vocals as "an appealing combination of lightness and depth, that sings with a bright, clear voice against the agile uproar of a world-class band." in The New York Times.

    The discographer Tom Lord lists them between 2005 and 2015 with participation in eight recording sessions.

      Facebook - Soundcloud - Instagram

    Video Performance

  • 'Featured Artist...07/May/2021..."Liselotte Van Dooren"'

    Liselotte is a Belgian country singer with original songs and a unique voice. Songs about simplicity and purity, nature and beauty, the basics and soul of country music straight from the heart that evokes endearment, sentiment and cosiness so everyone is able to dream away.

    Liselotte wants to convey the feeling of real Tennessee country music with her 'unique sound'. You can expect some heart-warming music that evokes emotions and will take you on a musical journey inspired by the rough natives of locals and the misty forests around the Western Appalachian Mountains.

    Born in the suburbs of the city of Antwerp, I grew up as a youngster that was mainly interested by my books and… music.

    From the age of seven I was a student at the Music Academy of the city of Lokeren. There I set my first steps in learning music theory and playing the piano and violin.

    At the age of fifteen I moved on to the School of Arts in Antwerp. A couple of years later I mastered in Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory.

    As a seventeen year old I joined up with the classical choir 'de Kempische Oratorium Vereniging', led by Werner Van Mechelen. This was a very interesting experience. Seven years later I made the switch from classical music to the 'light genre'. Singing at marriage ceremonies, parties, receptions and so on… became my new passion. It was a small step to become a lead singer in multiple cover-bands. Rock, pop and country-music were my daily life for 25 years, concerting in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    With this experience I got closer and closer to finding out what my own voice would have to sound like, and what kind of music was 'my' music.

    Several singers and bands inspired me and helped me find my way. The Corrs, Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss and the Dutch country-singer Ilse Delange were my main influences.

    For many people the year 2020 will be memorable in more than one way. For me 2020 is the year in which I can finally show the world the music that is in my heart.

    'Country Soul'.

    Facebook - Spotify - Twitter

    Video Performance

  • 'Featured Artist...23/April/2021...Cabela & Schmitt'

    Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it. So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have. We always have music in our hearts/heads, and all we do is learn what we hear. The melodies start playing, and suddenly those random thoughts and phrases begin to fall into place, like they belong. Most people call that songwriting, but we don't take that credit for ourselves. We believe we've been given messages that need to be shared.

    Our love for making music has been mostly a lifelong venture. These sounds come to life in our hearts and minds and they are gifts we have been given to be able to bring these songs to life in our recordings. It's the most satisfying thing when we get feedback from some of our fans who have been touched by the music. That is so rewarding.

    We are inspired by so many artists, not only by their music, but in some cases their lives and examples.

    We are releasing and promoting music non-stop and our hope is that it will touch our audience in a positive way and help them ponder their life situation and receive, believe and appreciate the power of love.

    We want to thank all our fans for their great support.

    Cabela & Schmitt are: Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards)


    We are a trio of friends who have been collaborating for over 40 years. We come from the heart of the United States and humble beginnings. Our only goal as a group at this stage in our lives is to share with others what we have so freely and abundantly been given.

    Every person has the God-given ability to choose how they want to view the world. We are all given a voice, in some way or another, to communicate how we see and experience the world. It is each person's choice how and when to use that voice.

    Cabela & Schmitt have chosen to expose our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the best way we can....through a song. We have always wanted to share our music without giving up this wonderful life we've been given, and we are so very happy and excited to be able to share with you!

    We want to express how grateful we are that you have taken the time to listen to one or more of our songs. We hope they have touched you in one way or another.

    ~Cabela & Schmitt

    Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

    Video Performance

  • 'Featured Artist...16/April/2021...Kiron Rasheed'

    Kiron Dawkins an American Musician, Emcee, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist. He is most known for His voice, flow, and innovative approach to the music. Kiron Dawkins who performs as Kiron and Kiron Rasheed would form the foundation of His writing and delivery styles during raps golden era, often writing on top of r & b and pop classics that dominated the radio. His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life.

    The recordings are filled with vivid storylines, well rounded content, and literary imagery that paint pictures in the mind. In as much as he is socially conscious in his approach he also provides fun and energetic tunes in between that bring balance and conceptual soundness. Truly this is music whose innerworkings possess an artful wisdom.

    One reviewer writes, "The production quality is better than what you hear on 99% of indie (and even most major label) hip hop songs". Another reviewer writes, "His lyrics take front seat and make cogent, powerful points worth considering". And yet another reviewer writes, "Set to become an instant classic, Head Start has been thoughtfully crafted to be an album where no song will be skipped, leaving the listener yearning for more.

    Kiron Rasheed is a newcomer to the world music scene but is no stranger to music. A lover of instrumentation and fan of great lyrics, Kiron has been writing and composing songs since he was a little boy. Ba Lee Dat (feat. Barry Black) an October 30, 2020 release is an anthem worthy of global recognition. And his release Long Awaited proves truly he can rap with the best of them. 2021 looks set to be a busy year for Kiron, since the release of his debut Album, Head Start. Keep an eye out for what's to come

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  • 'Featured Artist...09/April/2021...Victoria Celestine'

    Born in San Antonio, Texas;Raised in France and currently based out of Austin Texas. Victoria played classical piano from the young age of 6, growing up in France.

    At 13, Victoria moved back to Texas with her family and decided to pick up the guitar and immediately started writing songs. She started playing open mics in the San Antonio area when she was noticed by producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) who then recorded her first seven songs acoustically.

    In search of a bigger sound, Victoria recorded her first full-length album with producer Jacob Sciba (Nelo) at Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas. The album includes her original song "In the World" which charted #40 on the iTunes Charts in 2011.

    Victoria then made an EP with Hollywood-based producer Jeff Blue and Engineer Mike Gonsolin which includes alternate version of "In the World", named "It Only Gets Better".

    At 16 Victoria returned to San Antonio to record a full-length album with San Antonio based Tejano/Conjunto producer Severo Contreras and acclaimed blind musician Juanito Castillo. The album was named "Back Home in San Antone" which included a cover of Willie Nelson's "Crazy". Juanito played Guitar, Piano, Accordion and Drums on the whole album. She then had the album Pre-Release Showat the old Cadillac Bar downtown San Antonio at which Action Magazine owner Sam Kindrick attended and made her the cover of the following month's issue. The Official "Back Home in San Antone" release show happened at Sam's Burger Joint Music Hall, venue capacity of 600 of which she sold out. The show was played with all the musicians that were on the record which included Ron Knuth (fiddle player for George Strait) and Randy Reinhard on steel guitar.

    That same year Victoria returned to Hollywood to record with Mike Gonsolin again and his then business partner Nick Nittoli. They made three songs together "Alive", "Good Heart to Hide", and "Let Go" all of which can be found on Celestine's "The Wasted Tears EP".

    At 17, Victoria recorded with then Florida based producer Blake Harnage (PVRIS, Versa) and his business partner/former band member Sierra Kusterbeck. They recorded "Wasted Tears", "As We Grow Old" and "Something More" which are all songs that are included in the Wasted Tears EP.

    A couple of years later, Victoria made a full-length record with Normandy, France-based producer James Sanger (Keane, Dido) which include singles "Carrying On" and "Can You Hear the Echo?". The album is called "The Echo" and was released November 2019. The release party took place at Cosmic Coffee in Austin, TX, featuring a lineup of Greg Den (formerly of Cosmico)and a solo performance of Matthew Gilmour."Can you hear the Echo?" charted in the British MusicWeek charts.

    Victoria graduated with a degree of audio engineering from The Recording Conservatory of Austin.

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  • 'Featured Artist...02/April/2021...Steve Ryan'

    Steve Ryan constantly stays busy with project after project. His music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical.

    In Music and Moonlight, the nineteenth century poet Arthur O'Shaughnessy wrote: "We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams." This popular line of poetry defines present-day musician and songwriter Steve Ryan.

    Inspired by his own dreams, he helps others make theirs come true! He does this through a motivational and inspirational blend of pop, rock and r&b. With a subtle change to the quote above, we can call Steve Ryan a "dreamer of music, and maker of dreams."

    Steve Ryan's musical background was primarily a songwriter before he released his first album. He wrote songs for other artists and originally found his way into the music industry through songwriting and occasional performances at various shows.

    He made his official debut as an artist in 2010 with his first release, ''Steve Ryan Presents.'' This album was meant to be a demo and it received a surprisingly overwhelming positive reaction from new fans and solidified Steve Ryan's influence as an Artist.

    In 2012, he released an EP album called intermission. This Album made it into the best sellers category on Amazon that year.

    In 2013, Steve Ryan released his 2nd full length album called ''Boundless Moments''. He followed up in 2014, by releasing his 3rd full length album which was an all instrumental album called, ''Feel at Ease.''

    In 2016, Steve Ryan released his 4th full length album titled, ''Smooth Melodies.'' He followed up with single releases in 2018, ''Movin On'' and in 2020, ''Miracle of Love.''

    On April 6, 2021, Steve Ryan is releasing, ''Proud of Me'', a tribute song to his father who passed away.

    Steve Ryan is currently working on his next full length album. Stay tuned for more amazing music from Steve Ryan.

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  • 'Featured Artist...26/March/2021...3 Mind Blight'

    3Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and started his musical journey in 2018. He finds inspiration to do his kind of music from his feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Although a big fan of having a particular style, 3Mind loves to try out other sounds from time to time. He occasionally goes looking for new sounds by blending several music genres into some of his songs. He is also very well-revered as a versatile artist who does rap, rock, metal, orchestral, pop, and more.

    The decision to work with Sophie Dorsten on "Reflections" has been cheered on by fans and listeners who think that the duo was perfect together on the song. Sophie, an Indie/Pop Singer-Songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix, Arizona area, brought into the song her warmth, vocal clarity, and personality. Sophie is reported to have started singing since she was 9 years old and has been releasing EPs since she was 13 years of age.

    Trysette, Aka Trysette Loosemore The second feature with 3Mind Blight grew up in Grafton, a picturesque river town of 18,000 in NSW Australia.

    Though Trysette and the majority of her eight siblings undertook classical piano training, she found an escape in the pop songs she heard on the school bus radio each day as there was little exposure to mainstream music at home.

    In 'Situations' The lyric of 3Mind Blight expresses a man tormented by his desire to reach out and get close to someone and his hesitancy to act.

    Trysette responds with a sensual and loving gesture offering her heart as a safe place to land. She will be his "freedom". This sentiment demonstrates the artist's emotional maturity perhaps indicative of her own life lessons and hardships overcome.

    "Music is music no matter how you wanna use it and as long as you make it somebody out there is gonna choose it to make them feel okay throughout the day so they don't lose it."

    3Mind Blight

    https://g.co/kgs/hV61os Verified Google Artist Multi Genre

    Owner of 3MIND BLIGHT MUSIC LABEL and Publishing EST. 2018







    https://open.spotify.com/artist/67IJEDXwI7U9S1pS2HJATp 3Mind Blight Spotify

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  • 'Featured Artist...19/March/2021...Emilia Quinn'

    Emilia Quinn has been described as a firecracker, weaving together a combination of roots music genres, such as blues, rock and country, whilst bringing her own unique tone to the table. Having grown up with a wide variety of music genres, she takes inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. She kicked her performance career off as a Singer-Songwriter at age 11 and swiftly joined a Rock band.

    After returning briefly to her Singer-Songwriter career she formed a Blues Rock band and found her feet in Roots music. She then broke away and went solo, following her own path and creating music close to her heart. She debuted in the UK Country music scene with her 3-track EP 'Wrote Off', recorded in London the record is a trio of acoustic songs, built with percussion and layers of harmonies, all performed by Emilia herself. This was well received by the scene with some wonderful reviews rolling in."All three [EP] tracks use gentle guitar under the voice with great percussion providing the back beat to songs which all seem to say "here I am, this is me – take me as I am, or don't take me at all". With a voice like this – we'll take you exactly as you are Emilia" - ​Silver ball Country

    Emilia's journey then continued when she started finding her confidence and sass, writing more fiery and gritty tracks, introducing a full band sound to her next single release 'Mistakes'.

    Performing solo all the while, Emilia still drew in audiences with her stage presence using just an acoustic guitar, a stomp box and her voice. She found her bookings increasing and fan-base growing rapidly, not just in the Country scene but across several genres. Emilia also started building a fan-base internationally, particularly in the USA and Germany, proving that her music could break boundaries.

    The next release came a few months after her single, and is her latest release to date. 'Firecracker' proved to be a strong EP entering the iTunes Country Album chart at number 8 and rising to number 3. It also entered the top 100 on the all genres iTunes chart. 'Firecracker' was mostly recorded and produced during lockdown, which is a testament to how well Emilia can overcome hurdles and adapt her work and career to new situations. Her strong work ethic produced a gritty, fiery and popular record, which was well received by both UK and International press.

    Release Name: This World//M.I.L.A.

    Artist Name: Emilia Quinn,

    Date Of Release:4th December 2020

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  • 'Featured Artist...12/March/2021...Pentral'

    Brazilian progressive rock / metal trio Pentral have announced they will be releasing their debut single 'Silent Trees'. This is the first taste of the band's debut album 'What Lies Ahead of Us', which will be released in May 2021. Suitably named, this lead single is accompanied by a wonderful video filmed in the wilds of their native Amazon forest.

    For the ten tracks comprising this album, the trio worked with legendary producer Tim Palmer (David Bowie's Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Robert Plant, Tears For Fears, Ozzy Osbourne, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam).

    Hailing from Belem in the north of Brazil, Pentral is made up of Victor Lima (vocals, guitars, songwriter, lyrics), Vagner Lima (drummer) and Joe Ferri (bass guitar). Their unique take on alternative rock can be described as progressive, heavy, groovy and melodic, while the band also deliver a strong political message about what is going on in Brazil and all over the world.

    Victor Lima lends some insight into this music: "This is a story about a man and a woman, who live in the woods. The forest is invaded... The only way I believe things can be solved is through the power of love. The album is like a journey of three characters (a woman, a man and their child) passing through the many issues addressed in the lyrics on this album".

    Pentral stands for 'spirit' in Latin, indicating the premise of the message this band is trying to inspire via their sound - the need to transcend this material world through the power of music, without losing connection with reality and human frailties.

    Being from the Amazon forest, this heavy power trio deeply is influenced by their roots, their music strongly attached to many global influences while trying to honor Brazil's groove and unique harmonies, progressive rock, metal music, atmosphere and melody.

    This debut album sums up years of experimentation among such parallel universes and the search for human awareness of the environment, peace and equality. While known in their native Brazil, mostly through touring efforts, Pentral is ready for their music to transcend borders.

    "This album is like a "declaration", conceived well before COVID-19 emerged. But it kind of fits the current reality we´re experiencing. This pandemic is the outcome of the unfriendly way we've been treating our environment and ourselves as well, and it served to expose our insensitivity, our lack of empathy. We are hopeful that this music reaches the ears and minds of folks all over the world, inspiring them to listen, think and act," says Victor Lima.

    As of March 5, 'Silent Trees' will be available across online music stores and streaming platforms, including Apple Music. This single can already be pre-saved on Spotify.

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